I am Sylvain Reiter: French, Father, Husband and CTO/COO and co-founder of Cyber-Duck Ltd.

My studies of telecom engineering and e-business in France has given me a strong technical knowledge combined with a business acumen that allows me the grasp technical requirements and turn them into viable products or solutions.

Upon joining an e-commerce startup in Florida back in 2005, I immediately knew that it was the right path for me. I love being involved in many areas of the business and small companies are an amazing place to deliver solutions that shape up a business. Moving back to London in 2006, I joined Cyber-Duck a co-founder. Since then, I have seen the company grow from strenght to strenght: from a 2-man band back then to a 35 strong team today, the evolution of our services, operations and amazing team has been the most rewarding experience I could dream of.

This site will allow me to share some of my thoughts and experience, from tips about business management to technical solution and web analytics.

Hope you enjoy the read :-)

If you want to get in touch, I will see you on LinkedIn or Twitter.